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The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals continues to impact the real estate industry and promote growth in the Hispanic community. New programs and events are continually being provided to assist Hispanic families with achieving the American Dream and creating opportunities for the leaders of today to work together for the good of all.

The 2015/2016 Nuevo Latino Tour

This show is sponsored by the NAHREP and will be seen throughout the country at select theaters. The film, “53 Million & One,” tells the story of numerous American-Latino experiences through a one-man show. Gerardo Jerry Ascencio is the narrator, actor and performer for the entire event. He shows the everyday experiences that Latinos around the country face and will recognize as the ties that bind them together in this country.

Shows are scheduled in multiple locations in California and Florida, as well as in Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia, among other cities. (2015/16 Nuevo Latino Tour)

NAHREP Icons Mastermind Group

Some of the top Latino real estate agents and mortgage brokers meet together twice a year to discuss ideas and tactics with each. They share best business practices and strategically consider how they can build upon their success while increasing the wealth of the Latino community.

The next scheduled event is at the 2016 NAHREP National Convention & Latin Music Festival, which is scheduled for September 18, 2016. Participants can attend by invitation only, and they may submit an application to be considered through the NAHREP website. (NAHREP Icons Mastermind Group)

New Chief Marketing Officer

A new chief marketing officer for NAHREP, Jason Riveiro, brings with him exceptional credentials to help increase the exposure the organization has in the housing industry. An announcement of his appointment was recently made, showcasing his years of experience with well-recognized Fortune 500 companies where he launched multicultural marketing departments for some big names.

In addition to his work experience, Riveiro also has a background working with non-profit organizations which serve the Latino community. He helped raise almost $1 million in funding for the League of United Latin American Citizens. (NAHREP Appoints Jason Riveiro as new Chief Marketing Officer, February 2016)

New Board Leaders

Leo Pareja has been appointed to be the 2016 President Elect. He has been a real estate broker for more than ten years and is recognized as an expert in the industry. In addition, four new directors have joined the board this year. Pareja begin his role now that Joe Nery, the 2015 President Elect has been installed as the 2016 President (NAHREP Announces New Board Leadership for 2016). I look forward to seeing how he progresses and grows throughout his term.

With new faces and new ideas leading the NAHREP, more changes are expected for the organization in 2016 and ongoing. The goal to bring homeownership to more Latino families moves forward as this cultural group continues to expand in the nation, quietly achieving their dreams. Homeownership continues to be the gateway to wealth in this country, and I continue to offer various programs to all people. Getting this country to flourish involves the prosperity of its people, no matter what their race.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

President and CEO

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