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December 11th, 2015
Alexandra Attinger, Managing Editor
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RIVERSIDE, CALIF. — Dec. 11th, 2015— The Power Is Now Online Radio will feature an exclusive interview with Carmen Chong, the Immediate Past Chairwoman of AREAA as well as the President and CEO of Taffeco Real Estate, Inc. The company is committed to furthering the real estate careers and supporting the personal development of its agents. By creating more jobs and income in the real estate industry throughout California, Taffeco Real Estate, Inc. is helping strengthen the economies of the communities it serves, which is always a focus for Ms. Carmen Chong’s. Host and executive producer Eric Lawrence Frazier will be speaking with our special guest about how her time in AREAA, her part in AREAA’s latest convention, and what she believes true leadership is. In this exclusive interview, Carmen Chong will bring her expertise to reveal how she became a successful brokerage owner and exceptional leader within the Asian American community and AREAA. The Power Is Now looks forward to spreading this influential woman’s secret for success in the real estate market.

Stay tuned with The Power Is Now Radio for this exclusive interview. If you would like to learn more about AREAA, Taffeco Real Estate, Inc., or Carmen Chong, then more information can be found at
For those who are unable to catch the live broadcast, you may access the show archive at

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