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January 28th, 2016
Alexandra Attinger, Managing Editor
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RIVERSIDE, CALIF. — Jan. 28th, 2016— Eric Lawrence Frazier, the host and founder of The Power Is Now Inc., will be bringing you The Power Is Now’s Wealth Initiative, a program to empower buyers and sellers to build wealth through the acquisition of real estate every first and third Tuesday of the month, starting January 19th, 2016 on The Power Is Now Buyers and Sellers Club, which is an online event. Become a member of the club for free at and watch the show live at

Knowledge is power and the beginning of wealth creation. Eric Frazier wants to give consumers the power to build wealth through the acquisition of real estate. The goal of The Power is Now Wealth Initiative is to help every renter through education, information, resources, and services to buy and finance real estate and start building wealth now.

The fastest way to build wealth for most people is through real estate. This is especially true for minorities; however, the financial crisis from 2007 to 2009 continues to have a profound impact on African Americans in particular, making buying a home very difficult for many.  There are programs, like the Sapphire Program offered by the National Housing Fund Inc. that is making homeownership a reality for many people, but very few minorities are aware of the program.  There are many lending programs that exist today to help anyone, regardless of their circumstances, buy a home.  Credit is no longer an excuse.  Your credit is good enough to get in and buy now, but you just do not know how or where to go.  There is also no excuse for not having enough money for a down payment to buy a home.  The down payment needed to buy a home is available now as a gift or grant.  Learn what it takes to get the money and do it.  The key to wealth is knowledge; knowledge is power; and the power to buy is now.  You must act now. Time is of the essence.  Rates are rising, home prices are continuing to increase and grants for the down payment to buy a home are not unlimited. You must get started now.  The Power To Buy Is Now, and The Power is Now Wealth Initative has you covered!

Tune in to learn more about these amazing opportunities to make homeownership a reality.

The Power Is Now is here to help. Eric Frazier, with more than thirty-three years in real estate, is ready to give you the keys to homeownership, and it starts with information. The Power Is Now Wealth Initative has five objectives:

  1. To share knowledge about real estate
  2. To share how real estate can lead to financial independence
  3. To share Investment opportunities to buy real estate now
  4. To share financial and credit management strategies
  5. To share financial strategies for financing real estate

In this episode, Eric Frazier will cover the advantages to using a mortgage broker instead of running straight to your bank. He wants you to find the best way to finance your dreams no matter your ethnicity, race, or socio-economic background. By taking one family at a time, The Power Is Now and Eric Frazier will work together with the community to turn the tide of African Americans in the United States. He will cover the importance of advocacy for minorities and the terrifying projection for renting. Renting will only lead to problems and we are here to keep you from ever renting again. Stop paying your landlord’s rent and begin paying your own!

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, Eric Frazier presents The Power Is Now Wealth Initiative on The Buyer’s and Seller’s Club. Watch live at and change your life through real estate.  Join the buyers and sellers club at and change your life.

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The Power Is Now, Inc. is a nationwide, real estate professional and community-based multimedia and education company founded in 2009 by Eric L. Frazier, MBA and headquartered in Riverside, California. The Power Is Now has produced over 2,000 episodes of teleconferences and online educational programs. It has achieve a new milestone of over 1.4 million downloads of its online radio program. The Online Radio Talk Show is supported by numerous national and state real estate associations and provides weekly real estate related content to millions of real estate agents and consumers throughout the United States online and by teleconference.

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