In Community
  1. Be true to yourself and to God in all things
  2. Be authentic in all your relationships
  3. Be considerate of the needs of others in all circumstances
  4. Respect authority and obey the law in all circumstances
  5. Work harder & smarter everyday to provide for your family and to be in position to give and help others
  6. Honor your Parents, love your wife and your children. Make life with them your priority
  7. Pay your obligations on time and protect your credit rating
  8. Eliminate all debt, live on a budget and save 20% of your income for retirement
  9. Exercise everyday to relieve stress and to improve your health
  10. Eat the right foods  and drink 64 to 100 ounces of water a day

There are many other things I can list but they would be sub categories of the ten resolutions I have written.  But no one is stopping you from creating a 10 point strategy to each resolution.  Be resolute to live your best life ever in 2015. Your Power Is Now.  Happy New year. .

May God bless you and your family to achieve great things in 2015.

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