Tips To Being A Good Neighbor

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There is always that period in life which requires changing of accommodation. This period could be moving into a new apartment, or finally getting that dream four bedroom house with the glorious garden. Whatever the change may be, what follows next is what bothers most homeowners or tenants: “The Neighbors.”
A lot of times people underestimate the value of a good neighbor because most people today prefer to live in seclusion. Of course, there is the usual wave and brief chats but having a good neighbor can be the difference between having a good living experience or a disaster.
Over the course of time, the art of being neighborly has significantly changed, not so long ago people would come over and introduce themselves and even offer assistance at all times. But now most neighborhoods are already distracted with the stereotypes and negativity of the world; no one seems interested in simple acts of kindness. Well this isn’t right, and if change is desired and there is a willingness to improve the neighborly behavior, these tips will be helpful:
Always Be Welcoming:
It very surprising how a simple act such a smile can change a person’s day: When a new neighbor moves into the area, it is always good to take the first step to welcome the neighbor into the neighborhood. Make them feel welcome, and appreciative for choosing that place. Do not go empty-handed, take a couple of sandwiches and fruits and this generous act will go a long way in the hearts of the neighbor.
Be Social:
Whenever there is possible contact with a neighbor, always be very approachable. Even just waving can be a nice gesture, feel free to start a conversation and try to get more knowledge about your neighbor. No need to have special topics brought up, just the simple chat up questions will be excellent. This can also be used to get to know the neighbor’s preferences, such as the type of work the neighbor is involved in, or even the lifestyle.
Pet Control:
This is a factor that most people do not value. A dog barking at odd hours of the night, or going to the toilet in a neighbor’s yard can be a very annoying habit. No one likes an unwanted burden, and it is awful not to take full care of pet responsibilities. If a pet can become an obvious problem for a neighbor, take full precautions to avoid any further complications.
Respect Space and Boundaries:
Even though it is important to be welcoming and social at all times, it is important to know when to stop; a neighbor is a friend and not family. Some people don’t know when to stop and can end up becoming practical stalkers or neighbors from hell. It is always nice to invite a neighbor to a block party, assist by mowing their lawn when they are sick or even clearing the snow on their walkway. But it is important to remember to keep boundaries; the information needed for this can be gotten from an initial and regular conversation over a period.
Be a Good Neighbor at all times:
It has always been said that you should treat people the same way you wish to be treated. Even if the neighbor isn’t as welcoming as you are, what is really important is just to be a good neighbor at all times.

Most people today, who have been raised in the technological world, see no value in being neighborly. But the beauty of being neighborly is similar to the concept of “Pay it Forward,” when one act will benefit three more people. This simple act of kindness can create something most neighborhoods in the world do not possess anymore, which is the feeling of family.

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