Welcome to the Wealth Initiative
Multimedia Education Company Specializing in Real estate, Lending Banking and Financial Literacy

by Eric L. Frazier MBA President and CEO


The Power Is Now Inc. has created the Buyers & Sellers Club, a wealth initiative that seeks economic empowerment for Americans by changing attitudes toward financial literacy and financial independence.

The Objective of the Wealth Initiative is to encourage:

1. Knowledge – Knowledge is the Power you need to build wealth.

  • Knowledge always comes before money or the money will soon be gone.

2. Commitment to Financial Independence – We must take Individual responsibility for our lives.

  • Commitment requires disclipine and discipline requires a budget and accountability

3. Investment in real estate – We must prioritize ownership in real property  as opposed to  personal property.

  • Real Estate Property appreciates. Personal property depreciates.

4. Financial and Credit Management – We must live within our means and not abuse credit.

  • Credit is not income – It is a convenience for cash.
  • Good credit is the beginning of building wealth.  Good credit is a Fico Score of 720 to 799 higher.  Great credit is 800 to 850.

5. Creating Wealth – We must understand that wealth is a mindset that become an asset and legacy overtime.

  • Buy and Hold, or Buy, Sell to Buy again and hold – building not spending – creating a legacy of wealth.
  • We must be intentional about leaving a legacy of wealth and an inheritance for our family.  It will not happen by accident but by planning, investing and learning over time.

All 5 enables Reinvestment in Children, Businesses, and Community.

The Power Is Now Wealth Initiative seeks economic empowerment for all people by changing their mindset toward financial literacy and financial independence.


he Power Is Now Media Buyers & Sellers Club, is a  wealth initiative that seeks economic empowerment for Americans by changing attitudes toward financial literacy and financial independence.  Take the pledge today and join the club today.

I, (state your name), from this day forward, declare before my God, my family and my community a renewed commitment to build wealth and to leave a legacy and an inheritance for my family and my community. I pledge the following:

1. To save and invest 10 to 20 percent of my after-tax income
2. To be a proactive and informed investor in real estate
3. To be disciplined and knowledgeable consumer in my spending
4. To measure my personal wealth by net worth and not my income
5. To engage in sound budgeting, credit and tax management practices
6. To teach business & financial principles to my children & demostrate them in my actions
7. To use a portion of my wealth to strengthen my family and my community
8. To be humble and not live extravagantly saving instead of consuming
9. To establish a living trust to ensure my wealth is passed onto my family, and my community
10. To maximize my earning power through a commitment to financial literacy and professional development