Southern California is expensive and they encounter droughts every summer, so why would anyone want to live there? Why are people flocking to Southern California with their wallets and bank accounts outstretched, ready for a cumbersome mortgage?

There is a reason for the price tag. Southern California is the gem of the nation, providing shelter for those around the nation that would prefer stunning weather, albeit sometimes dry, over the snowy conditions of the north. Nestled within Southern California is a prestige that only few in the nation may boast of. Once you have reached Southern California, Orange County in particular, you have made it. Realtors and realtists in this beautiful area never need to embellish when showing these stunning homes that range from exquisite condos to bountiful mansions on the beach.

Are you looking for a new dream home, but you want a quality education for your children? Southern California boasts of some of the best schools in the nation that rival the wonder of the homes. Besides, your kids will love their close proximity to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The magic never stops as the park continues to change and build up within the populated metropolis. Are you a fan of the nightlife of California? Lucky for you, Southern California caters to all age groups, embracing those that are never prepared for a quiet night in.

Now, you or your clients may shudder at the price tag of many of these Southern Californian homes. Newport Beach in particular has property values averaging in the millions of dollars, after all. In actuality, there is a hidden gem of Southern California in Orange County. Dana Point, a secluded paradise sees lower property values that are much more affordable than the multi-million dollar estates in Newport Beach. Dana Point has an array of gated communities, condos, and amazing dream homes ready to embrace their new owners.

Riverside, California, the home of The Power Is Now Inc. and its founder, is another amazing city to settle down in. Your family will prosper as many have in Southern California with prestigious colleges and universities such as The University of Redlands (my alma mater), the California Southern Law School, California Baptist University, and La Sierra University. Your high school graduate will be able to stay close to home while getting a top notch university.

So yes, conserving water and a higher mortgage may await you in Southern California, but that investment into homeownership will pay off in the end. Everyone who is anyone wants to live in Southern California. If you buy now, think about how much that property will appreciate as your children grow up in this dream home. By time you go to retire, you will be set to be comfortable in your older years as well as leave an inheritance to your children. Family is everything, and Southern California embraces the accepting family atmosphere. Hurry and jump into Southern California’s real estate before it is too late! Your Power Is Now! 

Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA

President and CEO