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Live Event Broadcast on Blogtalkradio and Facebook consists of a three hour live show on location with Q&A that is scripted or we can take live questions from the audience. The live show enables you to deliver your content to your audience of members, clients, and prospects nationwide in addition to the nationwide Power Is Now audience. We provide everything to broadcast live.

The show will be live but completely scripted and the commercials will all be prerecorded. Once the show is completed it will also be placed in the show archives as a podcast with all of the past Power Is Now shows and on Blogtalkradio. Your contact information, picture, logo and any PowerPoint presentation(s) will also stay on the show page of The Power Is Now and the Blogtalk Radio website with other podcast.



In addition, to all of the aforementioned benefits of a sponsorship, infomercial or live show you will receive a link to the recording, to send to prospective clients and the embed code to place the radio player of your show on your website. Your company will also become an affiliate of the Power Is Now for one year and have a listing on the affiliate section of the Power Is Now website. The affiliate webpages consist of companies that are endorsed by the Power Is Now. All of your contact information and a link to your website will be on the affiliate webpage.

If you have any questions about advertising please call Kim Collier, Director of Publishing at (800)401-8994 Ext. 712 or Christina Kimble Sr. Relationship Manager directly at (800)401-8994 Ext. 705

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