Live Event Broadcast consists of a three hour live show on location with Q&A that is scripted or we can take live questions from the audience. The live show enables you to deliver your content to your audience of members, clients, and prospects nationwide in addition to the nationwide Power Is Now audience.

The show will be completely scripted and the commercials call all be prerecorded. Once the show is completed it will play once a week for the next 120 days as a live show. It will also be placed in the show archives with all of the past Power Is Now shows. Your contact information, picture, logo and any PowerPoint presentation(s) will also stay on the show page of the website along with the replays in the show archives.

Live Events includes:

  • Three hour program about your company, service and product
  • Upload video or power-point presentation so listeners can follow along
  • Targeted viewership/listenership – real estate agents nationwide
  • Pre-roll audio spots placed before shows – you provide the mp3
  • Audio ads surrounding content – can be pre-recorded
  • Live reads and enhanced host endorsements during live shows
  • Opportunities to solicit and obtain listener feedback and testimonials
  • Customized branding on Blogtalkradio – you provide jpeg ads.
  • Ability to feature promotional offers and contests for your organization
  • Robust set of metrics regarding attendance performance – no guessing you know exactly the exposure you are getting.
  • Once the show is finalized it will play once a week for the next 90 days as a live show.
  • Your company and contact information will be placed in the monthly Power Is Now monthly Newsletter for the one issue.
  • Your name and contact information listed in the written transcripts available for the show.
  • Your name and contact information listed in the Press release sent out to the media.
  • The show and your information will be permanently in the show archives and will be played periodically throughout the year after the 4 month run.
  • Plus Bonus Benefits

Marketing tools you can use

In addition, to all of the aforementioned benefits of a sponsorship, infomercial or live show you will receive a link to the recording, to send to prospective clients and the embed code to place the radio player of your show on your website. Your company will also become an affiliate of the Power Is Now for one year and have a listing on the affiliate section of the Power Is Now website. The affiliate webpages consist of companies that are endorsed by the Power Is Now. All of your contact information and a link to your website will be on the affiliate webpage.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at (800) 401-8994 Ext. 703 at any time seven days a week. You may also reach Rachel Bacol, relationship Manager directly at (800)401-8994 x 701.

Bonus benefits:

  • A web link of your recording to send to clients, friends and family
  • An Embed code of your recorded show to place on your website
  • Listing on the Power Is Now Affiliate Webpage for one month
  • Free Membership to the Power Is Now Network