The Power Is Now Career Opportunity

January 05, 2018

19 Days to go
It’s the final countdown.

The Power Is Now Real Estate Services wants you! Join our team and receive the support you need for success.

Hear about the strategies, services, and benefits we provide our agents in this jam-packed webinar!  Learn, be inspired, and have fun.  Become a part of a team of visionaries passionate about making the dream of homeownership a reality.


January 05

Hear directly from The Power Is Now Founder/CEO, Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA,  as he introduces you to the company and all we have to offer towards our agents.

The Power Is Now Senior Relationship Manager, Christina Kimble, will go into depth about the strategies and tools our company leverages to convert leads into closed deals.

Hear from our Executive Director of Publishing, Kim Collier, about the variety of media services that The Power Is Now offers to our agents. Learn how you can be featured in our online magazines, radio/TV interviews, and more.

Our Marketing Manager, Lauren Brooks, is here to help you! Listen in as she lists the resources provided to our agents to ensure they have well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing accounts on the primary Social Media platforms.

Hear a brief introduction of all of our City Managers!

Theresa Olivarria helps to ensure your leads are managed in a timely matter, along with being pushed through the pipeline.

Hear from CEO, Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA, as he summarizes the services offered to The Power Is Now Agents.

Ask any questions that you have about the company, the services offered, the compensation, and more. Take this time to utilize the face-to-face aspect of this webinar!

Time to wrap it up. Thanks for participating in our Career Opportunity Webinar! Visit our website and apply to get started with The Power Is Now today. We are looking forward to working with you!

Why Attend

It’s one jam-packed webinar where we create a space for you to learn about the connections you will make, the best practices to boost your sales, and to peer into your future of doing business with us. This will prepare YOU to make a positive impact not just in how you work, but in the overall success of your career in real estate!

Here’s why you should register:

You'll discover the benefits of being an agent with us.

You'll learn how we leverage social media.

You'll see the power of online marketing.

You'll be excited to get started!

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Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA CEO, Founder The Power Is Now, Inc.
Christina Kimble Senior Relationship Manager The Power Is Now, Inc.
Kim Collier Executive Director of Publishing The Power Is Now, Inc.
Lauren Brooks Marketing Manager The Power Is Now, Inc.
Danon Burnside City Manager for San Bernardino, CA The Power Is Now, Inc.
JT Burnside City Manager for Rialto, CA The Power Is Now, Inc.
Sylvia Young City Manager for Oakland, CA The Power Is Now, Inc.
Lanise Spann City Manager for Vallejo, CA The Power Is Now, Inc.
David Ellis City Manager for Upland & Ontario, CA The Power Is Now, Inc.


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