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Every Tuesday at 12:30PM and 7:00PM, along with every Thursday at 12:30PM, we are LIVE on FaceBook! We educate our FaceBook friends and followers about all of the latest mortgage programs, interview Industry leaders and professionals, and give Agents an opportunity to showcase their listings on our platform. Check out this page to see the weekly topics!

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Are you on the path to homeownership? Learn all about our Homebuyer programs at our monthly seminars! At each event you will learn about down payment assistance, building credit, budgeting, and more. Rents are on the rise! Now is the time to own a home. Check out this event page to see when we are in your city!

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Get the support you need for success! Join us for our REALTOR Seminars all across Southern and Northern California. This is FREE training! Learn about the programs that are going to close deals today. Become a Power Agent, and receive professional marketing support that will boost your sales.

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Keep up with all of the major Real Estate related events going on in the U.S.! Every month there are all sorts of Seminars, Conferences and more going on in Nevada, Arizona, and more. Here you will find events being hosted every month by national and state organizations like NAREB, AREAA, NAREP, and CAREB.